Spanish Livingroom Decor the Ultimate Guide

Spanish Styled Livingroom

Tired of the invariably and blandness of your living room? Looking for some trendy and eclectic living room decor ideas?

Buckle up because we have put together your ultimate guide to the living room in Spanish style!

Nothing is more romantic than a sophisticated Spanish style indoor living room decor. With warm, elegant yet incredibly stylish textures, and colors,

it is no surprise that the Spanish styled living room theatre is trending nowadays!

Coming from the Mediterranean family, the Spanish interior includes their classic stucco walls, living room theaters, extravagant dome ceilings, and ornamental tile work!

With the marriage of different styles; modern and traditional, Spanish styled living rooms are magical and mystical alchemy of different periods,

making you want to live out your dream vacation to Spain in your living room!

After all, who doesn’t like a sleek, aesthetic Spanish living room? So without further ado here is a breakdown for achieving that perfect Spanish styled living room theatre!

Before diving into colors and themes, furniture is the most important player in amping up any interior decor, so feel free to work around with them!

From large comfortable couches to formal Chesterfield or Tuxedo couches you may choose any type depending on the environment you are going for!

Warm-up with terra cotta colored wood furniture or with the classic upholstered sofas!

Here are some of the items you can include in your Spanish living room Decor to upgrade your lifestyle.

Spanish furniture
Spanish furniture, Spanish living room Decor

Types of Spanish Living Room Decor Sofas:

Recliner sofas: If you are looking for warm comfortable environments in the Spanish living room, then Recliner sofas which recline like a chair,

or even the Lawson couches that are large, comfortable, and come with removable back cushions are ideal choices.

Bridgewater sofas: And if you are looking for a napping sofa, Bridgewater sofas are perfect as they have a low arm rolled outwards for an angled cushioned arms.

You can also get a Settee Sofa which is a large seat to go with the fireplace.

 Chesterfield sofas: And if you are looking for Formal vibes in your Spanish living room, then as said earlier Chesterfield sofas which are regular sofa/couches with tufted upholstery and Tuxedo sofas which are high armed

(same as the sofa back in 90-degree angle) are amazing choices. Similar to the Tuxedo sofas Cabriole sofa can also be used.

 Chesterfield chairs: You can also add in slippery chairs or even Chesterfield chairs for that sophisticated Spanish look. Or even those cabriole living room chairs!

They will take up your living room from the 21st century to the 19th-century vintage Mansion room vibes!

And if you want to stick to some simple yet oriental chair style then go for wooden chairs made specifically of Teak wood.

Teak wood is known for its heavyweight, expensive, greater strength, oiliness, and toughness characteristics.

When looking for coffee tables, to match the classical Spanish aesthetic you can go for simple coffee tables or may even go as extravagant as the ottoman tables!

Although they’re large, they double as coffee tables too.

The fabric surface doesn’t make them the best for drinks unless you either place large serving trays on top or it has one built-in one.

Apart from centerpiece tables, End tables can be placed adjacent to chairs or near the end of the sofas.

No matter what furniture you buy make sure the material aesthetics of your room are more towards the woody aesthetics to give that vintage rustic vibe of a Spanish living room.

And when choosing the perfect wood, you can go for pale-colored wood or even dark ebony varnished woodworks!

Spanish Livingroom Decor Colors palette

When it comes to choosing a color theme for your living room you can go the Spanish-inspired living spaces way, take up whites and natural wood hues,

or just simply go colorful, letting your inner artistic mind flow! From a vibrant patterned rug to colorful upholstered sofas you can play with any touch of color in your Spanish Living room!

If you are more of the monochromatic kind of person, then don’t shy away from adding white to almost everything to your Spanish living room!

You can have a bright, elegant white living room that gives fresh and crisp vibes without feeling barren.

There are various shades of white to choose from which can be used throughout the space to give the room depth without its feeling extremely blunt!

And not to forget white is perfect when going the Spanish way!

Spanish Livingroom Decor Woodwork

Woodwork is an important aspect of Spanish living rooms.

Using actual woodwork or even wooden hues will help you achieve that perfect rustic warm vibes of a Spanish living room.

You can add a touch of wood to your ceilings by lading them with wooden beams.

Such beams give the room that vintage rustic look and when paired with a white color palette,

it can beautifully uplift the rest of the Spanish interior work giving you that much-needed Mediterranean air!

Along with wooden beamed ceilings, you can also opt for vaulted ceilings with huge curved archways or doom shape ceilings with wooden work,

which can make your living room Decor space wide open and airy.

You can also have wooden floors made of timber and can go for dark woody hues to light sandy hues for that perfect modern vintage grey couch!

Or you can simply use wooden tiles!

When talking about woodworks and warm Mediterranean interior decor, one cannot forget rustic built-ins and a very well-crafted bookshelf.

Spanish interior decor is all about bringing those family heirlooms to attention and embracing history at home.

To further warm up your living room try decorating your bookshelf with meaningful objects.

Talavera tile in Spanish Livingroom Decor

If you want to get that oriental and traditional Spanish vibe in your Living room, Talavera tiles are the right element for you if you are designing a Spanish livingroom!

Talavera- meaning colorful glazed and decorated earthenware in Spanish-exactly like its name,

really adds life to your living room and gives that much-needed pop of color and personality to your room.

Handcrafted for up to 4 months and made using only natural clays rather than chemically treated and died clays,

these colorful tiles are a contribution of the Moors Islamic culture and became known as Talavera,

after the name of the Spanish ceramic center Talavera de la Reina, the town of San Pablo del Monte.

The clays needed and the history of this craft both belong to this area.

Traditionally, these tiles are made in blue only, but over the years tile makers have also made tiles in colors such as yellow, black, green, orange, and even mauve.

All pieces used to make tiles are hand-thrown into a potter’s wheel.

And just like colonial times, their glazes contain tin and lead. But there are some things about glaze that you should keep in mind.

This glaze must craze, and become a little porous and milky-white, but not pure white.

Only colors blue, yellow, black, green, orange, and mauve are permitted to be used, and these colors must be made from natural pigments.

The painted designs have a blurred appearance as they fuse slightly into the glaze. The base, the part that touches the table, is not glazed but exposes the terracotta underneath.

These tiles are coated with metal and glass oxides that not only protect the surface of the tile but also make them durable and glossy and shiny!

You can use this rustic and history-rich handcrafted tile to decorate your walls, borders, or even use them for a picture frame. Although expensive,

these Talavera tiles are worth every penny and it’s understandable why.

 Spanish accessories and ornate details in the Living room

When talking about interior decor, accessorizing your living room is also as important as all the other elements.

You can go all gaga or even keep everything minimalistic if you prefer simpler things.

Since the Spanish design is all about bringing to life the Spanish tradition and paying homage to its history,

use accessories that will warm up your living room with the perfect hint of a homely vibe.

By using bright patterned rugs and oversized iron chandeliers you can get that quintessential vintage vibe.

Even if your living room has none of the Spanish architectural features,

you can still get your dream living room, by simply using an iron chandelier which will also work as a centerpiece for your room!

Furthermore, you can sprinkle the rest of your room with either Spanish potteries or other wooden elements.

You can use Catalonian manufactured hand-finished ceramic figurines in the style of Antoni Gaudi, and Valencia’s Ceraplat and Lladro

the worldwide famous brand for fine porcelain who, even today, keep the components of their fine-porcelain clay an obscured secret.

You can buy wine pitchers, vases pots, or even plates to decorate your living room from family-run factories that have existed for generations!

IDEAS To Include in your Spanish Living room 

Here are some more ideas you might want to include.

Bojito- meaning magic jugs- can accentuate the Spanish vibe you are looking for.

These oriental Spanish wine jars sitting on your coffee table or even your bookshelf will call attention to the vibe you are going for!

If you are looking to go for a white monochromatic look for your living room, try adding in a bookshelf decorated with hand-painted Spanish ceramic plates!

You can go for the bright yellow and blue Talavera pottery ceramics that celebrate ceramics from Talavera de la Reina.

Or you may go for the blue and white floral design ceramic plates that are typical of Granada, a city with a rich history of a Moorish stronghold.

And if ceramics are not your cup of tea, you can also display that favorite guitar of yours in your living room to pay homage to the lovely culture of Spain!

All in all, just a few Spanish-influenced objects can help give you that well-traveled, eclectic vibe in your own home.

Interior decors in the Spanish Livingroom are all about a centerpiece or a focal point, and nothing is better than a gorgeous round stucco fireplace when going for the rustic warm Spanish vibe!

These fireplaces give that much-needed warmth and comfiness to your room while giving just the right amount of depth!

So if you have a fireplace, you can cover it with the Talavera tiles for an eye-popping, lovely look.

Or if you are looking to go bold, you can simply paint any bold color on your bricks.

(A little tip, use the paint to just tint the brick rather than thickly covering it which will give it a flat look.)

If you are feeling fancy you can cover your fireplace with marble for that minimalist aesthetics or the true Spanish vibe,

you can go for porcelain tiles that resemble reclaimed wood!

 Living room furniture
Spanish Living room furniture


As living rooms are a popular place for seating guests, entertainment, family get-togethers and to just kick back and relax,

choosing the best lighting that suits every vibe is necessary, and not to forget lighting gives that oomph every interior decor needs!

Ideally having a mix of light sources- such as chandeliers, table lamps, and ceiling lights- are needed to light up all aspects of your living room as well as to suit all atmospheres.

And when going the true Spanish way the best way to illuminate is to go for metal lanterns or big iron chandeliers as stated earlier in your Spanish livingroom.

They add the perfect whimsical notes of eclectics and sprinkles the ideal amount of Mediterranean magic.

Spanish Lightening Woodwork

The choice of lights in your living room really plays an important in the overall vibe.

  • Experts suggest the total brightness range to be around 1,500 to 3,000 lumens and the suggested range for color temperature is around 2,200 K to 3,300 K.
  • It is also recommended to avoid bright lights- just like in the bedroom- such as blue light-emitting lamps because they release serotonin and give us energy.
  • Try sticking to natural lighting as much as you can in the day and having huge arched windows can be a bonus point, as they not only give good lighting but also complement the Spanish look.
  • Moreover, if you have any kind of artwork in your living room you can point adjustable spotlight maps to illuminate them.
  • You can also use blinds or reduce the TV glare at night to illuminate all those Spanish accessories in the best way possible.
  • Battery operated ceiling lights for the living room are also a good option.

Spanish Lightening Wood work

All in all, whether it’s the wooden hues or those colorful traditional looks, no matter what you are attracted to, there are a lot of ways to incorporate Spanish styles into your living room.

Even if you can’t afford renovations, some simple tips given above will also do the deed!


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